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Ranna Naipaul-Colaço is a Toronto-based lifestyle photographer with a unique and keen eye for capturing connections between people.

Born in the Prairies, raised in Niagara-on-the-Lake and now living in Toronto for the last 20+ years, Ranna has always observed the natural beauty of her environment. Her journey as a photographer had its roots from observing her father, himself being an avid photographer, carrying his Nikon, always capturing her family: ‘us being us’. In university, Ranna bought her first film camera – a Pentax K1000 – and like her father, she carried that camera with her everywhere, continuously stocking up on rolls of film. When she discovered digital SLR photography, she honed her style in the field and in the digital darkroom.

As a schoolteacher and mother of two, Ranna has been taking photos of everyone around her in their everyday lives. It is rare to find Ranna without her camera, as it is an extension of her eye, and permeates in her personality. She loves to put her subjects at ease, as she believes the best moments are those that are captured ‘in between’.

Ranna Asha Photography started in 2017, as a commitment to carry her craft to the next level. Ranna captures families, people in love and in matrimony, mamas to be and their new babes, fur babies, as well as parties and events. She also works with organizations to capture event photography, Photo Booth photography, and professional headshots.

Photography has always been Ranna’s passion, and she knows this journey ahead will allow her to continuously grow and develop as an artist.

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